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Making Your Pension Go Further

Earn Extra Money in Retirement

Do the Work Once – Get Paid Forever

Whether you’re retired, redundant, or just plain working hard to make ends meet, you must occasionally dream of receiving money without having to work for it. Isn’t that why so many folks do the lottery even though the odds are 14 million to one against winning the jackpot?

If you’re retired you get your pension; if you’ve been made redundant you no doubt have some sort of pay-off; if you’re working you get paid for your efforts … but that’s it. And your pension’s never enough; your redundancy money won’t last forever; and there’s always too much month left at the end of your money.

What you need is passive income

Authors get it; musicians and songwriters get it; film stars get it and inventors get it too. It’s a bit like a pension. You do the work once, perhaps many years ago, but get paid for your work forever. You can even will the income to your heirs if it continues.

The great thing is, you can go away on holiday for months at a time knowing you are still getting an income. Granted, the income will decrease over a period of time, but it could well last for many years.

We’ve all been stuffed

As pensioners we have all been stuffed by successive governments, bankers, and investment advisers, so we need extra money to live a fulfilling life.

Part-time working for yourself is another way of surviving … to supplement your pension by selling your skills. Let’s face it, thanks to recent legislation aimed at allowing people to work beyond normal retirement age,¬† it is no longer possible to get a job if you’re much older than 45 or 50. Where do they get these brain-dead law-makers? Ah yes, I remember, Brussels.

So why not work instead for the best employer there is – yourself.

 Internet to the rescue

Although making big money from internet marketing can be a long, hard struggle, there is no doubt that small amounts of regular income can be earned without investing ridiculous amounts of time.

As an example, the classified ads on the right of this screen earn me a few pence each time someone clicks on them to find out more information. They might be about investing, saving, forex trading, dating, or any number of strange topics, but if you click on them I will get paid. It is literally a few pence each click, but if enough people click on enough ads I will earn some extra money. And so would you if you knew how.

It isn’t nearly as hard as you’d think

So keep returning here in the future, as there will be a series of posts and free offers over the coming weeks aimed at showing you how to get started – how to make a small but increasing income from the internet.

Are you up for that? Will you give it a try?

Ok. Let’s do internet marketing together.

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